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Jan 10, 2011
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I have a major wild bird problem. I posted before and did what people suggested but it's not helping. Need some new ideas. Here is what I've done so far. I only put enough food out for the big girls that can be eaten quickly. As soon as I see that they are finished I put it up. However, I leave food out for my 5 week old chicks, since they eat a little at a time and often. But the wild birds flock the yard as soon as I leave and I don't mean a few, we are talking like 50+ birds! They are even getting into the coop to eat the food there and getting stuck, I have to open the big doors to let them back out. It's not only food they are getting but the water too. I have to refill (after washing) my chicks water container several times a day because the wild birds drink it dry. I have poop all over my back porch were my cat's water dish is too. I would remove the dish but the chickens love the fresh water I put in it (I have 2 ducks and they muck up all the other waterers). I have to feed my dogs at night just so they have a chance to eat before the birds come. I now feed the cat in the garage because they were eating all of his food. Don't like to do that since it attracts other pests and it's were I keep all my feed.

I let my chickens free range over the back yard and have a smaller fenced off area for the chicks. I don't mind sharing with nature and I know it's been a rough year here with record breaking drought and heat, but I can't feed everything. In the last month my feed bill has almost doubled. I'm also very scared that the chickens will get something that will kill them or make them very sick. I can't sit out there all day and I can't afford to put netting over everything either. Don't want to put a fake bird of prey up either, we do have lots of hawks and owls here and I don't want my girls to get used to the site of one sitting there and not hurting them.

Any suggest, no matter how strange, will be very helpful and appreciated.


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This will not help with the food consumption, but a bird bath/waterer located away from the porch and coop should help with fouling the present water areas.


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This doesn't work for everyone some say, but it sure works for us. We hang CDs at different heights from the roof in the run where the food is and as they spin on thin string in the breeze reflecting the sun it really freaks out the sparrows and smaller birds. Solved our problem except for doves, but it is dove season in AZ now.... Yum.

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If you leave food out where wild birds can get it they will come and eat it..I had 3 turkeys in the yard yesterday, I tried to get a pic but the young chicken flock chased them off! Who was hungry there?
Why not have a feeding area just for your birds, totally enclosed ? If your chickens are walking away from the food you put out, maybe you are putting out too much?
anyway, I watched something interesting, that the chickens walked through a roll of chicken wire I have laying on the ground,like a tunnel. I would make an enclosure your chickens can get into and out of and won't be so easy for other birds. Yes, few of them will figure it out..utill you break the feeding station cycle for the wild birds they will always be there - and bring their friends too, limit the amount you put out so there isn't so much left. If you are worried about your chickens getting enough, well you gotta stop the cycle first, make it unavailable and they will go somewhere else.
you didn't say what kind of birds they are..and I'm imaginig an alredd hitchkock movie at this point


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I'm also curious as to what type of birds these are.....Right now, hundreds of birds have been congretating in the trees around our house, getting ready to migrate. From what I can see they are black, and I know they're not crows...not starlings, maybe grackles.

Anyhow, they don't come down and try to eat my chicken's food though, because my feeders are inside the coop, and I keep the waterers in the run.

That sounds like an incredible problem you have! Maybe you could put some poultry netting over your chicken runs......

Take some pics if you can,


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Mar 27, 2010
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I've seen some treadle feeders that only open when the chicken steps on the lever to eat. Maybe that would help?? There are free plans on the net, and I've seen a few on BYC.


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Jan 10, 2011
Durant, Oklahoma
Black birds and crows are the big eaters of the dog food, but they left since I only feed the dogs at night now.

The ones now getting into everything are the small light brown birds, sparrow of some type.

I've got plenty of CD's laying around and will try that. I went out today and placed a garden vine net over part of the chick run and tied paper plates onto that, then placed the food and waterer under it, it looks to be working. I think the CD's will work better and hold up longer.

As for too much food, I only place 2 cups worth, out for the 9 hens and 2 ducks to eat, but some days they eat it all and others they don't. That is why I watch and wait, then pick up the food when everyone leaves it or just remove the pan I put it in so the wild birds don't dirty it.


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Jan 27, 2010
We've caught up to 30 sparrows at a time with this repeating trap -- well worth the investment:


English sparrows are introduced and non-protected flying vermin in this country that displace native species. Repeated trapping and disposal will eventually reduce their numbers around your place.


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