Wild birds visiting the flock?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Andora, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Aug 26, 2008
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    Now that spring is sort of here (I say that, but there is an inch of snow on the ground today...) it looks like baby birds are starting to hatch out. My yard has had an abundance of baby robins over the past few weeks, ones that look like they just left the nest for the first time and ones that don't have any common sense.

    I keep looking out the window to see these Robins in with my chickens! There will be one or two Robins pecking the ground right beside my birds, as if they are a part of the flock. One day there was a robin in the coop sharing the food from the feeder. Another day there was a Robin confused and stuck in the chicken run with the chickens.

    This didn't happen to me with my chickens last year. Is it normal to find wild birds right up next to your flock? Should I worry about diseases? There's nothing I can really do to prevent it unless I leave my chickens cooped 24/7, but I'm curious if other people have visitors...my chickens don't seem to mind, though I did see one of my roos giving a robin the evil eye.

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    It is normal for wild birds to be in your flock. They are just looking for food.

    They can give diseses to your flock though. Oh and remember that wild birds have mites and lice.

    To keep the wild birds out all that you really can do is put a top on you run.

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    Yep, wild birds can be an issue. They are attracted to your feed.
    But count your lucky stars you only have robins to deal with.

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    Yes they are after the food. I have the same problem with Dove. Not only do I have to worry about disease and "bugs", I'm feeding all of these extra mouths that show their appreciation by pooing on everything! [​IMG]

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