Wild cockerels and hens needing new homes

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    I live in the UK where I have been feeding wild cockerels and hens for the past 3 years on a gentleman's land. The land is wild and he had many free range birds. He has passed away and many of the birds have been taken away. However, there a some cockerels left and they will be taken away. I am keen to take one (cockerel) and possibly a hen. I have no experience on keeping these birds, but to save 2 or 3 from an untimely death, I would welcome some advice. Firstly is it possible to keep a cockerel as a 'pet' in a fairly built up area? (I do have a small garden with space for him to roam) and would I need a hen as well?
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    chickens like to be in a flock and a cockerel needs 6-12 hens to not over mate them... but cockerels can live in a small group w/- any hens to fight over.. Just be aware they crow at all hours.. Chickens will tear up a garden scratching for bugs and eating the plants they like...
    They need a secure place to stay at night.
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    Show a picture of the wild chickens. Breed might impact optimal social arrangement and resources needed.

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