Wild colored partridge Silkie cockerel - Catdance Silkies


9 Years
May 22, 2010
I guess this is what they are talking about when it's said that blacks are melanized asiatic partridge. This cockerel came out of my black pen, but his colors are just wild. The coloring and patterns on his chest remind me of a red tailed hawk. He has very nice silkie type and would be a great bird for a color project. He is approximately 4 months old, was vaccinated for Marek's Disease at hatch and comes from an NPIP certified and AI tested clean flock. He will be bathed and trimmed up prior to shipping and will be sent in a new shipping box with plenty of fruit and/or veggies to keep him hydrated during his trip. It is too hot to ship right now at this end, but I expect the weather should be cooler by the end of the month. Please contact me for payment details.

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