Wild Ducklings Advice?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by EmAbTo48, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Northern Wisconsin
    We live about 2 miles from 2 pretty good sized ponds that have our road going through the middle of them. We get geese, wood ducks and mallards out there all the time! They all love to sit right in the middle of the road in the mornings and most of the day if there not in the water or eating. Anyways For the last 3 mornings going to work( around 630am) i have had to stop my vehicle (usually the parents or older ducks/geese will move and chase there babies off the road) for 6 small ducklings there hasn't been a sign of any parents for them. They seem to be following the other ducks/geese around. But never getting close to any of them.

    I am not sure if they are geese, wood ducks or mallards or if maybe they are old enough to be on there own?
    They still have the fluffy fur coat they are yellow and black. They all look healthy but again I have not seen a mother any where!

    They are super cute! But run right into the bushes down the lake if I go near them.

    Should I just let nature take its course?
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    Contact a local wildlife rehab center and ask them.
    In most cases, if the young ducklings have been abandoned by their mother or the mother has been killed, you can take them into a wildlife rehab-no problem. That's what they do.
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