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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LoriJo, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. LoriJo

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    Oct 5, 2016
    We have only had chickens for a couple years. We have four, two Buff Orpingtons-Farrah and Fowler (Amy died), one Barred Rock(Penny). Yeah, "Big Bang Theory". We should have three barred Rocks (Penny, Penny, Penny). And our newest one is a Black Australorp (Sadie).

    My Mother-in-Law found an abandoned duck nest this last Spring. We had a chicken (Farrah) that stayed on the nest all the time. We do not have a rooster. We decide to give her something constructive to do.We put the duck eggs (Mallard) on the nest. There were six eggs total. Farrah sat on the nest. I took out our chicken eggs every day. Four of the duck eggs hatched. Farrah was definitely the Mother to the ducklings and she protected them, and of course the ducklings followed her around.

    They are wild ducks. There has been a day or two that we haven't seen them, but they always seem to come back. By the way, we are down to three ducks. I don't know if it flew away or was someone's dinner or something.

    Well, now I'm wondering what will happen to the ducks. Since they were raised basically by a chicken, will they fly away? I know they have some natural instincts.They took to water really well, and Farrah looked like she was concerned about it. She kept circling the pool, watching them.

    We don't want to keep them. That was never our intention. They don't go in the coop with the chickens at night when we them to "bed". The ducks do fly, of course. They have flown across the highway where there is a swampy pond (lots of weeds) but have come back.

    Do they need other ducks to follow? Will they eventually fly away? I don't mind if they don't come back. I just want what is best for them. Do we just let them do what they want to do? We could bring them to a big pond where there should be other ducks (catching them might be a problem). I live in the country - lots of land and ponds around us. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    By the way, I have a Facebook page that I was keeping just for my business (art) but I just had to post the picture and progress of Farrah and her ducklings. You should find it under my name, Lori Ristinen.

    Thank you!
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    You might contact a waterfowl rehabilitator and get their help and advice. Hard to know if they'll be able to live and survive long in nature at this point, so I'd contact someone who understands more about that.
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    Feb 26, 2015
    Years ago, I bought some ducklings from our local grange co-op. That was early Spring. They were Mallards. They spent the summer growing and playing in a kiddie pool I had. When Fall rolled around they flew off with one of the flocks of ducks that were migrating and flying over. Never saw them again.
  4. LoriJo

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    Oct 5, 2016
    Thank you Weehopper and Amiga for your posts. I was hoping they would eventually just fly away and I think that they might have already. I haven't seen them for a couple days now, except I might have seen one fly over the yard above the trees this morning.

    Unfortunately it is duck hunting season here in Minnesota and I've been hearing a few shotguns going off. There aren't a lot of ducks around here anymore-hasn't been for many years.My husband goes to North Dakota to hunt ducks (he's there right now). We wanted to put a band on their legs that said "raised by a chicken" and then our phone number (or an email address), but that wasn't legal.

    Anyway,it's been a great experience watching our chicken raise them and see them grow up! Maybe they are still alive and I'll see them in a day or two. Or not. Only time will tell.

    Thanks again!

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