Wild Ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Jeevesrules, Mar 28, 2012.

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    May 5, 2011
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    So, I was wandering up to feed my chickens earlier, when I noticed there was two ducks on my pond, that look like the same type as the ones on the river nearby. I think there here to hatch chicks out, as there is a Male as well as a Female, and the female is eating... A LOT, and this makes me think she might be producing eggs. Any ideas as to why they came, or how I can get them to stay (I've always wanted ducks)? Thanks :)

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    Leave the grass tall around your pond. Refrain from trimming weeds growing near the edge of the water. Wild ducks will nest in the grasses to protect themselves and their young from predators and the environment.

    Plant aquatic plants such as widgeon grass and wild celery in and around your pond. Wild ducks feed on many types of aquatic plants, so it is essential to have an abundant food source available to them. Widgeon grass is easy to grow and does well in most ponds, including those with brackish water.

    Provide enough space for wild ducks to nest comfortably. While some ducks do not defend their territory, others are very defensive and will fight with other animals or leave to nest elsewhere. Do not place birdhouses and other animal habitats around your pond if you want to attract wild ducks.
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    Dec 23, 2011
    Each Spring I have wild mallards visit my garden and my pond. They have never nested here though. They come to have some quiet time away from the fuss and bustle of their regular place.

    Last year, regular as clockwork, 2 males and a female visited each morning and it reached a point where, as soon as they heard my back door open/close they would walk towards the back porch looking for me and some food. At one point, I went out and on the back porch was a duck dropping - obviously I'd taken too long to go out that they'd come to the porch to find me! [​IMG]

    This Spring, the two males have returned (but not the female). I know it is the same pair because one of them has a distinctive mark on his head.

    They come and go as they please. So, this year, I bought a trio of ducks of my own [​IMG] Each morning my trio head for the pond and each morning the 2 male mallards visit for a swim and a snack too.

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