wild fire smoke death


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Nov 26, 2009
richlands N.C.
Is it possbile for chicks to die of smoke? I have a 30k acre fire 10 miles away can smoke gets so thick with ash that u cant see 1/8 of a mile can it kill baby chicks? this morning after a really bad smoke cover last night one was dead and 2 wherent doing well. Then this afternoon (no smoke all day) they passed away, and the thing is they are inside a barn with only a door facing down wind open so almost no smoke got to them but still they have fresh food and water every morning at 630 hours. so what killed them? aslo i have chickens kept in stablesas u can see on my profile but they are all fine.....a few missing but most are fine,


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Nov 22, 2009
Jacksonville, FL - Arligton-
I had smoke and didn't put mine outside till it cleared- I "know" smells can kill birds (bleach?, Teflon? ) and by "know" I mean have heard it as if it is true.

Sorry for your losses...

sometimes chicks die for internal issues that we can not see.
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