Wild Goose with Fishhook stuck in back of neck


8 Years
Apr 4, 2014
My family and I were at a local lake feeding the ducks and geese this evening when I noticed some fishing line hanging off the neck of one goose. I was able to get ahold of her and we tried to get the hook out to no avail. It had three barbed hooks but only one is stuck. I was wanting to go back with pliers and some first aid tomorrow to see if we can get it out. Another family had scissors so we were able to cut the line shorter so it wouldn't get caught on anything or wrap around her neck. It was not bleeding, but I anticipate it will. I'm looking for advice from someone who may have come across a situation like this. Thanks.
IF you can ID the goose & catch it, you're on the right track. You'll help, cause it's going to hurt. Push the barb through & cut, then back out the hook. Flush it with saline solution or peroxide, then apply some tropical antibiotic.
HOWEVER, it maybe safer & wiser to call your Fish & Game (no clue where you're located) or Wild Life Rescue. It maybe against the law to handle wild animals where you're at.
Thank you. It is really friendly and easy to catch, I'm wondering if people dumped their pet. It is all white feathers with orange beak and feet. I'm always hesitant to call fish and wildlife because they seem to kill everything. I'm in AZ. I do know of a wildlife rescue so maybe I will try them.

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