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    Dec 17, 2017
    I recently moved to a rural area of Florida, and I noticed a flock of guinea fowl visiting my yard every day. My daughter fed them bread (I told her not to do that again), and now they return every morning. What should we feed them? And if I were to build them a shelter, would they even use it? They have taken up nightly residence in the brush next to my house, but I would love to give them a place to go that keeps them somewhat safe.
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    May 8, 2017
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    Game bird feed, and scratch for a treat. Do not feed close to the house as they will poop on your steps. I built an extra high hoop coop and my guineas are in it now. They like to be up high. It is a quick build compared to stick built and cheaper. You can see my thread, Helpful Hints for Building coops. 20171129_122813.jpg 20171129_122827.jpg
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    They are on their own? They're probably fine as is, but I would definitely lay down some crumble where you want them to return. They probably already have places to roost, but if you give them a consistent food source and water, they'll probably stick right around.
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