Wild Hawaiian Chicken Raising Domestic Chicks - Week Three Update Video.


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Feb 16, 2022
Big thanks to everybody who watched the first two update videos. Please watch and subscribe for more updates.

Here is the week 3 video.
Week 3 Update Video Click Here

A brief recap:
We hatched 6 of our own domestic egg laying chicks 6 months ago. When they hatched a wild chick was orphaned in our yard. In general wild "feral" chickens are a pest in Hawaii but we decided to see if she would be tame if raised with our domestic chicks. She is only slightly less wild than a normal feral chicken. She hangs around our yard with the other chickens but runs when we get close. At 25 weeks she started laying eggs and to our surprise wanted to sit on them just outside our fence. We decided to let her. Except we didn't want MORE wild chickens around so we gave her our new chickens domestic eggs. She ended up sitting on 9 eggs and 8 hatched 20.5 days later. We've set up a brooding pen for her to raise them. We will do a more in depth video later on as part of our future "Urban Homesteading". For now enjoy what might be the only wild chicken raising domestic chicks you'll ever see.
As of now, I can't access the video (says it's still being processed) but what an interesting "experiment." Will try to check out the video later. Best wishes for her brood!

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