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    This is the story based on the rp. I know all of this did not really happen on the rp itself, so don't say anything like that. i just added a few extra things to it. [​IMG]

    Chapter 1
    £ove was grazing on the side of a mountain, the rays of the November sun shining on her soft brown back. She looked over at her best friend, Sarah, as she too, grazed on the brown but soft mountain grass. Love nickered as she lifted her head. Fighter had neighed a command to move to the eastern plateaus, and Fighter and Jessie lead the galloping horses to their destination. When they arrived, they each took a drink at a small pond in the rocks. Love looked at Fighter. Sarah knew she had a crush on him. She had told her one day while they were having a conversation. Or at least Love had showed it.
    " Look at him," Love had said.
    " Who?"
    " Fighter."
    " Oh."
    " Isn't he just handsome?" she said dreamily.
    " Yeah." Sarah glanced at him.

    That was only a few weeks ago, and Love still had those feelings for him. But he was always too busy with fighting with stallions, flirting with other mares, and controlling his herd for Love to build any bond with him.
    She took another drink out of the pond. She lifted her head and saw Koda, Avalanche and Cliff. Soon they would have to leave the herd, less they somehow take Fighter's rank as lead stallion. I hope I have all fillies, so they will never have to leave the herd, thought Love. But who am I going to have foals with? She sighed and continued to graze.
    Twilight looked up and saw Sugar grazing nearby, so she took a couple of steps closer to the lead mare. "Morning, Sugar" She said.
    "Good morning," replied Sugar. "How are you this sunny day?"
    Twilight turned and touched her belly, where her foal had kicked "Ready to get this foal out." She replied.
    Sugar giggled, but she was also somewhat jealous.
    I want a foal, she thought.
    Twilight smiled, then frowned as another pain went through her. She started to look around, searching for a place to have her foal. "It's coming tonight." She said almost to herself.
    She watched her and then walked off and whinnied softly to whatever stallion may hear her.

    Hurricane heard something. Scary. She was afraid and stood there shivering. Twilight looked up, noticing that Hurricane looked scared "What is it, Hurricane?" She looked around for Sugar and Gallop, the leaders. Hurricane was roooted to the ground, not moving as foals do when they see danger.
    "There's...there's...there's something out there!"
    "Where?" The pregnant mare looked around, trying to see what had Hurricane so upset. She whinnied to Sugar.
    "O-over there..." Hurricane looked at a distant line of trees. A tawny shape was slowly moving towards them.

    Mountain lion. Twilight thought, seeing the shape. She screamed out a warning, and tried to rear, though she couldn't get very high. She nudged Hurricane to get her moving. "We have to get out of here!" she said.
    Hurricane looked frantically at Twilight. "What do we do?"
    "We run to safety." Twilight said nudging her away, then screaming her warning again.
    Hurricane started to trot off.
    Hurricane started to panic. She could deal with storms,after all she was born in one. But wild animals she could not handle. "What are we going to do!??!??!?!"
    "Stay by me and do not panic." Twilight said and looked to Sugar even as she walked away from the mountain lion's approach.

    Sugar, Hurricane and Twilight galloped away from the mountain lion to safety.
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    Chapter 2
    Çapriconis watched his mares and foals walk around the desert. He whinnied to them. Fire whinnied back to him.
    Capriconis trotted over to her.
    " Hello my sweet," he said gently.
    " Hello, Handsome," she replied.

    Hot Chocolate trotted around. She tripped in a hole. "OW!" she screamed.
    "What happened?" Fire said to Hot Chocolate.
    Hot Chocolate flared her nostrils. "My-foot-is-stuck-in-a-hole!" she gasped and tried to yank it out. It was stuck fast. "I can't get it out! I can't get it out!" panicked Hot Chocolate.

    Sham whinnied. He saw Capriconis's herd. He screamed a challenge to him.
    Capriconis whinnied in distress. "Protect Hot Chocolate!" he said to Fire. He turned toward the stallions challenge.

    Sham layed his ears back and reared.

    Hot Chocolate frantically tried to pull her leg out. "HELP!" she said to Fire.

    Capriconis reared and slashed his hooves at the stallion.
    Sham galloped down the hill and stopped several feet before Capriconis.
    Capriconis laid his curved ears flat against his head and gave a scream, slamming his hooves on the ground. He was not in the mood to deal with pesky stallions today.
    "Help!" Fire panicked also.
    "Calm down, just try to get it out!" Sun stood beside his mom not moving. "Capriconis!" she yelled.
    Hot Chocolate stood still,eyes wide.

    Sham held his head high,waiting for Capriconis to move.
    Capriconis snorted and reared. He whinnied. Get out of this desert or die.
    "Capriconis! HELP!" exclaimed Fire. Sun stood frozen looking at Hot Chocolate.

    Capriconis reared and lashed at the stallion. "GET OUT NOW!"
    Sham flared his delicate nostrils. "Come and get me curly ears!" he taunted.
    Capriconis snorted and bucked, kicking his hooves at Shams face. No one was going to call him curly ears.

    Hot chocolate pulled and her leg was free. She tried to put wieght on it,but she collapsed. She rose and limped around. She didn't know what to do.
    Sun and Fire sighed a relief. " Let's go down to the oasis and palm tree grove," she said. "It's shady and cool there." she wondered if Chocolate could walk.

    Capriconis shook his mane. He was getting agrivated with this stallion. He lunged forward with his teeth.
    Sham darted to the left.
    After all,I am an Arabian! he thought snootily. This less agile horse shouldn't touch me!

    Hot Chocolate nodded and began limping in that direction. Dawn followed.
    Fire stopped at a oasis surrounded by palm trees. She nodded at a grassy patch in the sand.

    Snowbird licked the foal that she had just given birth to.
    Ocean Gem nursed form her mother and then looked at her father.
    Kellen look at the little foal and gently nudged her. He nickered. Gem went back to her mother and laid down. Snowbird laid down too. Kellen smiled and trotted in circles around the two, whinnying warnings to any near by.Gem fell asleep beside her mother. Snowbird licked her and fell asleep too. Kellen looked at his family and smiled. "Snowbird.. I'll be back. "I'm going to find some more mares for our herd. Stay safe." He wasn't sure if she heard him but with one last glance he galloped off.
    Snowbird was asleep, and had no idea about Kellen.
    Kellen continued to gallop away. He felt sad about leaving but he knew they needed more mares.

    Freckles heard galloping. She turned her head from grazing.
    Kellen whinnied loudly to all who could hear. Freckles saw him, whinnied loud, and started galloping towards the sound. Kellen stopped when he saw the mare coming towards him. "Hello there!" He called.
    " Hello! Who are you?"
    "I'm Kellen leader of Plain herd." He said trotted closer.

    Freckles trotted closer. " Then what are you doing over here? I'm just a loner that was kicked out of a herd."
    "I'm here looking for more mares. Mares like you. Who have been kicked out of their herd and have now where to go." Kellen paused and looked at the mare. "I will help you."
    " How?" she said. " Can you help me?"
    Kellen smiled. He had her now! "Of course. I can give you shelter and safety. If you join my herd." He said. He nickered to the mare.
    Freckles nickered back. " But..."
    Snowbird and Ocean Gem awoke from their nap. Snowbird whinnied for Kellen. Where has he gone? she thought.
    Kellen smiled. "My herd is nice and safe. Everyone is loved and cared for. There are no buts." He said.
    " But....alright," she said.

    Snowbird arose and shook. She had no idea Kellen had gone of and found himself another mate.

    Freckles nuzzled Kellen, asking him to lead her to his herd.
    Kellen started to walk. "Say. I never asked your name." He said.
    "Freckles." she said.

    "Come." He started to gallop off.
    Freckles followed him back to the herd.

    And you can only guess that Snowbird was not very pleased.
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    Chapter 3
    Çloud. Whinnied and ran off. She saw two horses. A Shire and an appaloosa. What an odd pair. She thought. She looked around and saw her foal. Ruby was prancing around happily. "Come on Ruby!" She said to her filly and trotted off towards the pair. Ruby followed.

    Freckles and Kellen arrived at Plain Herd. Freckles began to trot around. She nickered. Freckles somehow wanted to turn back when she saw Ocean Gem, and her mother Snowbird, and Coral and her mother. Snowbird pinned her ears at Freckles.

    Kellen went behind Freckles and gave her a small nip telling her to keep going.

    Cloud, despite being afraid of many horses, followed the shire and appaloosa to where they were going.
    Freckles kept going.
    Ocean Gem looked at Freckles. " Who is that, mom?" she asked Snowbird.
    Snowbird whinnied loudly.
    Freckles stopped walking.
    Snowbird reared. " STAY AWAY FROM MY FOAL!" she said.
    Kellen stared at Snowbird. "Easy!" He said. "Shes a new mare for the herd!" He walked up to Snowbird and nuzzled her.
    Snowbird slightly unpinned her ears. She pawed the ground.

    Kellen frowned at Snowbird. "Be nice!" He ordered her. He looked at Freckles. "Introduce yourself." He said.

    Cloud trotted towards the horses. She stopped when she was in front of them. "Hello!" She said happily. Ruby pinned her ears and looked around unsure of her surroundings.

    " Uh...I'm....." Freckles noticed Snowbird staring at her. " You're not wanted here," Snow interrupted. " That's what you are." she snorted.
    Kellen glared at Snowbird. "What's gotten into you? You better behave or I'll kick you out!" He threatened. "I don't care if you're lead mare or not! Be nice." He turned to Freckles. "Ignore her." He said and turned to Cloud. "Who are you?" He asked.
    Cloud stared at him. "I'm Cloud." She said.
    Kellen nodded. "Hello."

    A tear ran down Snowbird's face. " You don't care about me! As soon as Ocean Gem came you went off to find someone else! Behind my back when I was asleep! You don't love me anymore, if you ever did!" She galloped away as fast as her feathered feet could carry her.

    Kellen grumbled angrily. "Of course she throws a fit!" he muttered to himself. He turned to Cloud. "I'll deal with you later."
    He galloped after Snowbird. He passed her and blocked her path. "I DID TELL YOU I WAS LEAVING!" He shouted at her his anger was getting on him. Finding new mares. Having to deal with his lead mare. And of course. A stranger came. He was stressed and agnery and he was taking it out on Snowbird. He sighed. "I'm sorry... I'm just stressed.."
    " But...but..but you
    didn't tell me you were leaving!" Snowbird said.
    Kellen sighed. "I did! If you listened..."
    " I was asleep, you birdbrain! Why'd you have to leave me when I was asleep?! Sneaking out on me like that!" Snowbird pinned her ears flat against her head.
    Kellen grumbled. "Maybe you should listen! Or at least as a lead mare of a tiny herd, know that I would be getting the more mares that we need?"
    Snowbird sighed angrily. " Maybe you should tell me you're going off somewhere when I'm awake! But you knew good and well I was asleep, so that's when you sneaked out of the herd to go find someone else! Because you don't love me." she started to trot away from him, nickering to Ocean Gem to follow.
    Ocean gem looked unsure. She liked her father but her mom was calling her.

    Kellen sighed. "Fine leave! Do whatever! I don't need a mare whose going to throw fits every time I get a new mare!" He turned away and went back to the herd.
    Snowbird continued galloping in tears.

    Freckles frowned at Kellen.

    "What? Shes only going to throw a fit! Theres no reason with her!" He trotted off.

    Cloud followed Kellen. "You never told me your name..." She said.
    He grumbled. "My name is Kellen. I'm the lead stallion of this herd. The mare you saw run off is Snowbird and she was my lead mare."
    Snowbird continued to run, nickering for her foal to follow.

    " I heard it all, you know," Freckles said. " I'm not gonna be in the herd of someone who goes behind their mares backs!!!" Freckles also started to walk away.
    Kellen blocked her. "You heard her lies. I told her I was going to get a new mare but you go too! Just dont come crawling back to me when you need help!"

    Ocean Gem still stood where Kellen and Snowbird had left her. She was still unsure of where to go.
    Snowbird kept running. She stopped. " Gem! Come! You need me!" she nickered softly to her.

    Freckles didn't know where to go. " Kellen," she said. " I..."
    Kellen snorted. "I told you. If you want to go go! If you want to believe her then go! It's fine with me!"

    Ocean Gem decided where she would go. She raced after her mom vowing in her head that she would return.

    " Kellen, I want you to be sensible. She wasn't lying. The day you ran off to find me, I was watching you where you didn't see. I saw Snow and her foal lay down, and go to sleep, and I heard you talk to her and then run off." she paused. " Please don't..."
    "Don't what?" Kellen grumbled as he watched Ocean Gem leave with Snowbird. "Even my foal hates me.." He muttered.
    Cloud trotted up behind him.

    Freckles began to weep. " Please don't let her go! She needs you! And Ocean Gem needs her and you! She was right, and you were wrong. Please don't let her go." she nuzzled him trying to calm him down.
    "Fine!" Kellen took off after Snowbird.

    Ocean Gem stopped hearing hoofbeats behind her.
    Snowbird stopped and turned around, looking at Kellen with her ears perked up.

    Kellen stopped and stared at Snowbird.

    Ocean Gem galloped over to her father.

    Snowbird wondered what to do, so she just pretended to look at something on the ground, ears still perked.

    Kellen sighed. Well this is weird.. He thought.

    Ocean looked from her dam to her sire.

    " Do you love me?" Snowbird had to ask.
    Kellen was surprised. "Of course I love you!" He said.
    "Me too!" she started running towards him.

    Ocean leaped out of the way.

    Kellen galloped towards Snowbird. "Let's never fight again."
    " Never!" Snowbird nuzzled him gently.

    Freckles watched and started to graze.
    Kellen smiled and rested his head on her shoulders.
    Snow turned around and nipped his mane playfully.

    Freckles grazed, but watched the whole scene. She was glad they made up.
    Kellen glanced at Freckles. "Maybe you should say sorry to her.." He said.

    Ocean Gem galloped back over to Freckles.

    " Um...she looked over too her. " I guess."
    Freckles reached down to nuzzle the foal.
    Snow walked over to Freckles. " Um..I'm sorry for being..." she swallowed hard. " I'm sorry for being mean to you," she said.
    Freckles grinned. " I don't blame you," she said. "I would have done the same."

    Kellen smiled as he trotted over to the mares. "Can we all tolerate each other now?" He asked jokingly.

    Ocean Gem smiled.

    Cloud watched the three as they made up.

    Snowbird tossed her head and reared as a yes.
    Freckles trotted around and Snowbird chased her. Freckles reared and whinnied, darting across the plain, and Snowbird galloped after her with the mares' ears pinned to their head.
    Ocean Gem watched the mares. Kellen walked up besides her. "Aren't you proud of your mom?" He said. "One day, you'll grow up to be her."
    The filly nodded as she watched the two.

    Snowbird stopped running and began to eat grass. In the distance, she could see Valley Herd, enemy of the Plain Herd. " Kellen!" she said running towards him.

    Rain saw Plain Heard in the distance. She called Faith and Hope to her side and whinnied a threat to any mare who wanted to touch her foals.

    Kellen looked up. "What is it?" He whinnied.
    "It's our enemy! Valley herd! I see Solar, and Mist and...."

    Solar saw Plain Herd. "What are they doing here!" He thought out loud. "Mist!" He called for his lead mare.
    "What is it?" Mist said as she trotted over.
    "Plain Herd. They're going to steal more mares! Move the herd faraway. I will take care of them."
    Mist nodded and started rounding up the herd. "Foals in the middle! Foals in the middle!" She repeated over the herd.

    Kellen gasped. "But.. I drove them off!" He pinned his ears. "I'll drive them off again. And I'll steal some mares while I'm at it." He looked to Snowbird. "Get the herd farther away." He ordered and galloped off.

    Cloud watched as Kellen galloped away then looked at the one he called Snowbird. "Whats going on?" She asked. Ruby looked at the shire mare in front of her. Then she saw Ocean Gem. She ran over and the two became instant friends and started to play.
    " It's the Valley Herd! They're our enemy!" she said in reply to Cloud's question and started running. " MOVE!" she ordered.
    Cloud galloped after Snowbird keeping an even pace. Ruby notice her mom take off and followed. Ocean Gem did the same.

    Kellen galloped towards Valley herd. Solar galloped towards him. They stopped in front of each other. Solar reared and kicked his front feet at Kellen's head, but Kellen dodged and rammed Solar in the side. Solar fell onto his side and got the wind knocked out of him. Kellen reared and brought his front hooves down on Solars side. Solar kicked Kellen and scrambled up.

    Snowbird stopped at a tree grove. She watched the fight. " Oh no! Kellen!" she looked away in panic. Freckles caught up with them and watched the fight.

    Cloud watched with just as much worry as snowbird. Ruby hid behing her mom.

    Ocean gem watched her father fight another horse. Her ears perked with interest.

    Kellen screamed his stallion scream and bit down hard on Solar's neck. Solar returned the favor and did the same. Kellen released his grip on Solar and reared, knocking Solar away from him. Solar tripped and fell landing hard. Kellen trotted towards Solar. He had many bruises but he didn't care. He reared and brought his front hooves down hard on Solar's side. Solar scrambled up and turned away. He kicked hard at Kellen and got him under his jaw. Kellen bit down hard on Solar's rump drawing blood. He pulled his head back and released his grip leaving a deep mark. Solar galloped away. "You win this round!" He cried. "But I'll be back!"

    " KELLEN!" Snowbird screamed in fright. She nudged Ocean Gem toward her. " Stay with me."

    Kellen galloped towards his mares whinnying in triumph. His tail flew out behind him like a flag and his mane flopped around his neck. He whinnied again and put on more speed.

    Ocean Gem grumbled but obeyed. She stepped next up to her mom and watched as her father galloped towards them. She looked at her mom and took off, galloping towards her father. Ruby followed.
    The herd was safe.
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  6. yep. [​IMG]
  7. Awesome job!!![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Chapter 4
    Moon nickered to Star, the coal-black mare he liked. Star slowed and turned her head, for she had heard a nicker and was looking for the source.
    Moon neighed to her again. She reared and whinnied in answer looking for the source. She stood still, only her head and neck moving, ears perked to catch the sound. Moon started trotting toward the source of sound. Star noticed Moon and trotted over.
    "Hello," Moon said when he reached her.
    "Hello," Star said. "Who are you?"
    " I'm Moon." he said flicking his tail. "Who are you?"
    Star smiled. "I'm Star." she said.
    " Moon and Star." he laughed. " That's a nice name," he said. "And it fits you. You shine as bright as a star."
    Star laughed with him. "Thank you."
    Moon smiled at Star. He perked his ears.
    Star smiled back. "Do you have a herd?" She asked.
    "No," said he, "but I'd like to find a mate and make one soon."
    She smiled slowly, then grinned. "Want to race?" She asked flicking her tail.
    " Of course!" Moon started galloping across the field.
    Star nickered and galloped over the field, mane and tail streaming behind.
    Moon looked back at her and accelerated. His mane flew and his black tail followed behind him.
    Star galloped as fast as she could, closing the distance between them, as they neared the edge of the field.
    Moon noticed he was slowing down. He was not tiring though, for he was a strong stallion.
    Star drew alongside as they reached the end of the field. She slowed to a stop smiling.
    "We tied," he said. He looked at her with a sparkle in his eyes, smiling.
    Star whinnied happily, she loved running, and found she liked it more with Moon. "Yes, we did!" She replied.
    Moon nickered to her. " I love you," he said.
    Star was startled by his declaration. She smiled and nuzzled him. "I love you." She said.
    Moon nuzzled her back and blew gently on her.
    Star stepped so she could rest her head on his back and work the tangle out of his mane.
    Moon chuckled. " That tickles!"
    Star smiled, but stopped. "Ticklish, huh?" She said laughing gently.

    That day, Moon and Star became mates for life.
    Moon looked at Star. " I have to go now," he said and galloped away.
    Star nodded and watched him go.
    Moon galloped far away. He kept galloping until he saw a mare in the distance that looked somewhat like himself. he stopped, swished his tail and started galloping again, whinnying.
    Star grazed contentedly. She grazed around the field, waiting for Moon to return. She looked around the field, she wanted to run again, but did not want to leave where Moon had left her at.
    Sapphire noticed Star and approached her carefully.
    Star looked up and noticed Sapphire. "Hello," she said shyly.
    Sapphire smiled. "Hello, I'm Sapphire," She told Star.
    "My name is Star." the black mare said.
    Sapphire smiled. "What herd are you in?" She asked.
    Star thought a moment. "Moon herd," she said smiling.
    "Oh, that's cool," She said softly.
    Star grinned. "I just thought of the name, since we just started this herd today. Moon went to find more mares to join us."
    "Really?" Her eyes lit up brightly.
    "Yeah, just me and Moon. And you if you want." She said.
    "Yes!!!" Sapphire blurted out.
    Star smiled "Yes? Yes." She smiled, glad Sapphire had agreed.
    Sapphire smiled. "My first herd," She said.
    "Mine first one too, well since I was kicked out of my birth herd as a yearling." Star said.

    Cerulean lifted her head, grass poking out of the corners of her mouth. It was quiet in the field, but on the wind, she thought she detected a faint scent of horse, or even horses.

    "Yeah....." Sapphire replied.
    The wind shifted and Star noticed the scent of another horse, She looked to Sapphire. "Want to investigate?" She asked.
    "Yeah, That would be fun," She smiled.

    Cerulean kept sniffing the wind, the grass in her mouth going un-chewed.

    Star smiled and started trotting to the scent.
    When Sapphire saw Cerulean, she nickered happily.
    Star slowed and nickered.
    Cerulean flicked her tail in excitement. She whinnied a friendly greeting.
    Sapphire whinnied and ran over to her. "Hi!" She said cheerfully.

    To be continued...
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    ChicknsRock.. Nice story.. Please dont get mad when i say this (mostly because i dont check my pms so if you pmed and asked i didnt see.) But i would have like to hear about my characters being used in a book and stuff.. But still a good book! Keep it up! (Also can you write about valley herd if you havent already?)
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