Wild Mallard duck subspecies.


11 Years
Jul 2, 2011
Dear members,
I need your help ...I have 2 problems below:

1) I had been looked for photoes of Greenland Mallard ducks (anas platyrhynchos conboschas) in google, but I did not find any photoes of Greenland Mallard ducks.

2) I did not find anything to tell diffenence between North American Mallard ducks (anas platyrhynchos maculosa) and European Mallard ducks (anas platyrhyncho platyrhchos).

Can you please send me the photoes of Greenland Mallard ducks.

Your help would be appreciated.

There are no differences between North American and European, or Asian mallards. Greenland mallards are the only recognized subspecies, although there have been suggestions of including mottled ducks, Mexican ducks, and American black ducks as subspecies, but the AOU has not recognized them as only subspecies, so they are still full species.

There are no plumage differences between A.p. platyrhynchos and A. p. conboschas, just size differences with A.p. conboschas is larger, with the meaqn wing length of drakes 10% larger. If you do find a pic, you wouldn't be able to visually identify the subspecies. Similar to the differences between Euruasian Green-winged teal (A. crecca cfrecca and Aleutian Green-winged teal A. c. nimia were the main difference is size.


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