wild mint


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9 Years
Oct 4, 2010
anyone know if chickens will eat wild mint. our pastures are full of it and none of our sheep or goats will touch the stuff. thanks
sorry I don't know the answer, but I would love to know as mint grows like a weed. I make frames to start plants in the run, then I move the frame fro them to eat the started plants. But mint is so invasive maybe I could just sow it around my coop and perches in the run and have it grow with out a frame over it? I have wondered this every spring when I purchase my seeds.
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I only grow mint in containers, to keep it from taking over the world! I haven't noticed my chickens ever taking much of an interest in it.
one thing for sure - it is invasive. spreads everywhere choking out everything. and like i said the goats won't touch it and i sure would like to know if i could use chickens to get rid of it.

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