Wild Muscovy

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    Ok get shipping box and send them my way lol [​IMG] ABSOLUTLY STUNNING! [​IMG]
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  4. Quote:We have a few 09 hatch for sale.

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    I LOVE thier black caruncles! [​IMG] so gorgeous!
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    How much and do you ship [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Those ducks are gorgeous- and the babies- They are just so sweet. I have never seen a Muscovy like that before, thanks for sharing the pics. I dont see too many different things like that out here in Australia.

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    I have a wild drake who has black and red carnucles too! Lol, I always thought he was so weird looking
  9. Now, see, I LIKE the black caruncling on the face. I believe in Europe that the black is acceptable to show and there are standards for it. Do you happen to know why the American standard does not accept the black on the face? I saw one post that mentioned that the red, deep caruncling showed the "purity" of the Scovy .... less hybridization. Do you know anything about that? If the "wild" Scovies have black caruncles ..... well....hmmmm.
    Beautiful birds, by the way. I like their body lines... long & sleek. Looks like they are going to be whiteheads.

  10. Quote:I am no expert on the show standards- but I do know that the top show muscovies are larger and have more caruncling than most backyard muscovies. I DO NOT think that would show the "purity" of muscovies. IT WOULD show that they are the result of countless generations of captive & selective breeding. I THINK---There are only a few types of ducks that would produce a fertile offspring when crossed with a muscovy. I beleive---Those would be WHITE WINGED WOOD DUCKS, possibly COMB DUCKS & HARTLAUB DUCKS. All other types of ducks crossed with Muscovies produce an infertile offspring- so it would not make the line impure.

    Looks like they are going to be whiteheads.

    The true wild Muscovy is a more sleek bird which can fly very well. Pure birds are rare in the USA. Some birds will get a little white speckling on the head, which is the result of either domestic blood in the line or from previous inbreeding in the line.

    ALSO wild muscovies do not reach adult coloration until after they are over a year old.​
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