Wild Pigeon Won't Fly?

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by curiouschelsea, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Jul 25, 2012
    Hello everyone, I was hoping some of you might help me.

    I live in a 4-plex and early this afternoon I found a pigeon in our car park (It's like a garage without a door). S/he was beautiful and was just walking around on the floor. S/he was blocking the door so I fully expected her to fly away when I went inside. But she didn't, she walked out of our way but other than that she didn't seem to concerned with us. I thought that was both cool and a little concerning so I spread so wild seed in the grass and went on my way. I saw her in the grass later on eating and once again assumed once she had finished she would leave. Later on I left and she was in my car park again. When I came home for the night, you guessed it, she was still there. At this point I've become concerned, so I place some water and a bowl of bird seed out for her. I get as close to her as she'll let me and pick her up.

    She didn't like this but she wasn't completely distressed, she flapped her wings but she didn't coo or make any noise. I checked to see if she had lost any feathers, nope every feather was perfectly in place - soft and smooth. I checked to see if she had any mites, none that i could see. I checked to see if her eyes were clear, cristal in fact. But here is what I did notice, she seems to favor her left leg, its so slight that I nearly thought I imagined it until my roommate noticed it as well. When I let her go she flew about 10 feet to our stair's railing, but she didn't land right and just fell to the floor.

    Should I try and take her (or him) to a vet?

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    Hard to tell 100 % from the picture, but that does not look like a feral bird. It looks more like a domesticated bird that has somehow gotten lost from it's home loft. Left on her own, it will be very vulnerable to predation. It would be great if you could provide protection and find a group that rehabs pigeons.
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