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    Sep 3, 2009
    Help! I am not a chicken owner but am having trouble with two stray roosters who roam around our end of the block. They tear up my landscaping, poop on my sidewalk and vehicles, and crow much too early in the morning. We have tried to catch them but, having no prior experience with these foul, are not very good at it. I do not believe our neighborhood is zoned for chickens and am not sure where they came from. One showed up about 6 mos ago and the other about a month ago. Since they have been hanging out together they have become increasingly invasive. I have tried animal control, the county, and even private animal removal but no one will deal with these roosters.

    Any advice? Anyone want to come and pick up free roosters? I live in the Fair Oaks area.

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    Jul 21, 2009
    First off ...... [​IMG]

    And next time they are on your property, a shot from a pellet gun should do the job. Even if the shot isn't placed well, it will do the job eventually. Same thinking works for coyotes. They might not die right away, but with internal injuries they usually don't make it far. But a head or neck shot will do the trick.
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    Get a hen to bait them with...right when they jump on her grab them and put them in a kennel then call animal control or find somewheres to rehome them! Please dont shoot them you dont kill unless you plan to eat it for dinner or it is a predator! They are simply being Roosters! Someone must have gotten roos instead of hens and dumped them cause they couldnt kill them ! Cowards!

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