Wild Turkey is My Hero For The Day


6 Years
Jul 29, 2016
Shelter Island, New York
This beautiful wild turkey is my hero for the day! She sometimes hangs out in my backyard with the dogs and chickens. She even comes when I call. Tonight, she was in the yard and my 2 hens were outside with her. It was getting late, time to put the girls into the coop for the night, but they wouldn't come out from under the pine trees. Then I started watching my turkey. She wasn't pecking around and kept staring up at the trees. That's when I saw the red tailed hawk fly out of a tree and over to a neighbor's tree. After some good crazy-lady yelling, the hawk flew off. I sat at our picnic table for a while, waiting for my hens to settle down. Then I noticed that my turkey was doing it again, looking up and checking out the trees. That dang hawk circled around the house and was back! It finally flew away. My turkey started pecking, and the girls relaxed. I called them out from beneath the trees, and they crossed the yard lickety-split!

Here's my sweet turkey settling in for the night in a tree in our front yard. She's the best!

She earned some nice yummy treats!
I have a flock of crows here that have so far harassed and attacked every bird of prey that dared to venture into the valley. They get the duck-food scraps and some cracked corn as a thank you! I have not lost a single bird to a bop!

Nice! Send some of 'em my way!

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