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    Jun 19, 2010
    Yesterday I had a wild turkey hen with 8 poults hanging arround my wild bird feeder. She was gone this morning, but must have lost one of the poults, it was out there by its self all day peeping, when I would go out it woud hide in the grass. I don't think its more than a few days old, no wing feathers yet.
    We just had a bad storm pass through, and temp dropped from 96 to mid 70's, so I finally went out and brought it in and put it under a light in a large plastic container. It was wet and cold. I know I should let nature do its thing, but I can't just leave it die or have a cat eat it.
    If I see the hen in the next few days, should I try to get the poult back to her, or will she reject it now. I normally see this hen and her tom every 3-4 days, and can get pretty cose to them if I put out food.
    If I can not get it back to its mom, can I put it with my chicks that are about 2 weeks old? And will I be able to let it go wild when its older, or will it now be a tame turkey?
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    What did you decide to do & do you still have this chick??
    Just interested......

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