Wild Turkey with Turkeypox?

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    May 15, 2010
    While driving down my road today, a gobbler was standing right next to the road and acting VERY odd for a wild turkey. Even when I slowed to a stop, he didn't move. I even got out of my truck and he still didn't move. Since its currently turkey season here in Michigan, I thought maybe he'd been wounded. I couldn't find any evidence of a wound on him and he wasn't dragging a wing or leg. He let me reach down and pick him up (kinda). He flopped a few times, but once I got my arms around his wings I loaded him into my truck. Upon closer inspection, I think he's blind somehow. It looks as though he has puss covering one eye and the other looks like it might be swollen shut. I brought him home and put him in an old chicken coop I have and put out some water and cracked corn for him. Below are some pics I took with my phone.

    Does this look like Turkeypox and if so, is there anything I can do for him? If he's not likely to recover, I'd just soon euthanize him rather than him suffer.

    Let me know your thoughts!




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    Looks like a bad case of Dry Pox. If you can check inside its beak look for `sores' raw areas inside mouth (signs of Wet Pox - not good). You can use normal saline eyedrops in eyes and paint the pox with iodine. The turk should be fed GameBird Starter (or any poultry food with high protein level - could also try scrambled eggs, etc.). If it is Dry Pox alone he might well recover.

    Now, grabbing up a Wild Turk and bringing it home could result in your developing a `legal disability'. Though your sentiment is appreciated (I'd be hard pressed to drive by), you are probably better off contacting your local fish/game agent or euthanizing the poor guy.

    Hope this works out for you, regardless.

    And, [​IMG]

    (though I wish it was under better circumstances...)

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