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    Sep 12, 2014
    Wayland, MI
    Not sure where to post this, sorry if it's in wrong spot.

    We have a wild turkey who has decided it likes to watch and hang out by our coop. Either a young tom or a hen, unsure. Found it roosting on a branch above our run, which has no top yet, the other day. I doubt it'll hurt the chickens. But curious if they carry diseases we need to worry about? Their are a lot of wild turkey's in the area but they're usually found in the fields. Never had one this close to the house before and it's only the one so far, it shows up about twice a week.
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    Sep 9, 2014
    Well, close him in! Thanksgiving's coming up! :)
  3. The moon will soon be full. Wait until about the 8th and go out after dark and look up where the turkey roosts with the turkey between you and the full moon. This is how our ancestors hunted wild turkeys. Don't forget the cranberry sauce. L√Ęche Pas now, y'all hear?

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    Fun song George...

    Monstro, I have a ton of wild turkey's mooching food and my chickens have never gotten sick from them.
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