Wild Turkeys and Frozen Chickens?


Jan 27, 2007
southwestern Michigan
This isn't a very good thread but I am gonna throw these two in one thread.

I recently saw some wild turkeys very close up where I work. I have seen these birds several times and it is really amazing to see them thrive right here in the city. I saw a small flock trying to scratch up some food in a field near by my place of work. I love watching them, even through they looked mighty ragged. Do toms stay with the flock during the winter? I am asking cause I didn't see a tom, but I am not that experienced.

I am adding this 2nd topic cause Freebie asked me and I don't know why she didn't post it herself but here it goes to as close as I can remember. Seems like a week or two ago her brothers were driving down her long drive to her house and they saw what looked like a chicken head sticking out. Seems like one of her barred rock hens got stuck in the snow. Well they thought the bird would be dead but she wasn't and they brought her in the house to thaw her out. She warmed up and was good as new. Why this hen strayed that far from the flock(she freeranges) I don't know. It is truly amazing that she didn't get killed by a predator and she recovered. Chickens are truly amazing at their recovery skills. Or maybe it is just Denise's birds are very hardy ha ha. Sorry about the lousy threads but this chicken stuck in the snow was really interesting.


Jan 20, 2008
Mars... I mean Central NY
I don't kow much about frozen chickens unless they are the supermarket variety, but in our area, the wild turkeys do quite well in the city during the winter. (ours never seem to look bad at all)The toms aren't always in the open when I see them near the highway, but if I watch a bit longer, they might venture out. I'm not sure why this is.


Jan 17, 2008
Toms split up from the hens when it isnt mating season. In mating season there is usually one big tom hanging with a whole bunch of hens. Sometimes a jake bird will wander in and the big tom and the jake will fight, resulting usually in the big tom winning. Jakes usually stick in groups of other jakes until the get big. So in the colder months you will usually see the toms by themselves.


Jan 31, 2008
Mature toms are bachelors in the winter. They only join up with the hens in the spring, during mating season. However, young goblers (called jakes) stay together with the flock throughout the fall and winter.