Wild waterfowl feed and nutrition

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    Jun 29, 2013
    Hi everyone............
    I have a trio of mandarins but they eat very little. Here in South Africa we don't have all that fancy feeds and stuff.........well that is what I know of. We have feed called "pit voermengsel"(afrikaans) seed feed mix. It consists of crushed corn, wheat, barley and sorghum. My mandarin male's plumage wasn't as good as every other mandarin I've seen at pet shops[​IMG][​IMG]. Is it because of lack of nutrition or just an off season. Do you have another idea for feed I can substitute with because breeding season is almost over and I'd like to know what I can do to give him a fighting chance. This summer I'm getting a larger aviary with a larger pond and a huge island in the middle to which I'm adding another male and also about ten other non-aggressive "breeds". I saw the drake mating with one of the hens he bonded with but the hen didn't even give notice to the nice nestbox I put in[​IMG]. Every day I spend hours to clip some nice lucern a.k.a alfalfa and they enjoy is very much. I heard that the breeding season starts in November in South Africa........... is that even true? I'm also looking for some South African breeders near the Gauteng and Limpopo area to stock my aviary.[​IMG]
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    Dec 16, 2013
    Breeding season starts in the end of spring(after mating with hens, males go on eclipse plumage, and then, the juvenile males have their beautifull plumage first, then the adults. This ducks need a big variety of seeds and some green and that is all for having a healthy mandarin.

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