Will a broody break on her own?

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    May 7, 2015
    2 of my 4 BO's are broody. This has been what seems like a never-ending cycle for almost 3 months now. As soon as I get one snapped out of it, 2 weeks later it goes broody again. Apparently I chose a bad breed :-(

    Since I don't have a cage or "broody breaker", and both our finances and several currently stressful situations with the 2-legged people in our family don't allow us to build one at the moment, I thought I devised a solution. I used some old fancy interlocking garden fencing (about 3 ft tall) to make a 3x3 pen inside the run for the broodies. But they easily flew out the top. So I covered the top with chicken wire. But then the other 2 hens perched atop the pen and used it as a springboard to fly out of our 7-foot tall run :-(

    I've got too much drama inside my house right now that I haven't tackled the drama outside in the henhouse. The 2 broodies have been settled in the coop for about 4-5 days now. I go out once a day and take the 2 eggs out from under them that they have snatched from the nest box. Will this just continue to get worse? They are nasty to each other and the others, and I don't want them to starve to death. And I'm ready to put them up for adoption with all this drama, so there's no way I'm going to give them fertilized eggs to hatch and increase the chicken-to-person ratio here!
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    Not all Orpingtons go broody, it depends more on breeding. You bought from a broody source. If you don't break them they will sit anywhere from 1-3 months before coming out of it. Usually because they get depleted condition wise.

    You could clip one wing on your hens to keep them from flying out. Sometimes you have to build what you think will work than change it up until it finally works.

    I'm not a fan of broody hens, they are disruptive and a pain. Wishing you luck, and sorry for the human troubles, I'm familiar with those. Thankfully chickens don't care how things look or what they are made of.
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