Will a broody chicken with chicks accept ducklings


May 13, 2015
My broody chicken hatched 3 chicks about 4 days ago. I have some duck eggs in an incubator and one hatched early. The rest should hatch in a day or so. I tried putting the early duckling in with her and she pecked it twice, very hard. Then she charged it, so I picked it up. Will she ever accept them or should I just move her out so I don't have to set up a separate brooding area?

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I don't think she will accept them because of the age difference. If they had been born at the same time and put in during the night, she may have. Since she is definitely showing she doesn't want them, I would not try again. Let her raise her own chicks, and put the ducklings in a brooder. Shortcuts tend to end badly.

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