Will a broody raise turkey poults?

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    Not sure if this is the right area. I have a hen that I think is getting ready to go broody. She is spending most of the day on the nest. This is the same broody that last year sat for over 2 months and stuck with it even though i tried to break her numerous times, before i finally put some chicks under her from the feed store. She was a great momma. She isnt quite as small as a banty but isnt as big as a standard either. She raised 6 standard chicks all by herself. She was only supposed to have three but I had two broodies at the time and gave each of them three. Well she stole the others and raised all 6. At times it seemed like she was "floating" because the chicks were all under her. So I was wondering if I could get a couple of turkey poults to put under her and if she would do okay? Will they get to big too fast for her?
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    I dont know about Turkeys but I've seen them raise Peafowl... [​IMG]
  3. Yup, a hen will raise anything she hatches, or thinks she hatches, except snakes and lizards. I had a little Spanish Game hen hatch a goose egg once. Quite touching, really. The gosling was as big as the hen in two weeks. Main thing to remember is don`t pen them anywhere with a roost until the poults can fly. As they get bigger, she`ll think they should be able to fly to the roost, even if their wings won`t handle it..........Pop
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