will a drake hurt the female duck if she is injured

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by pokiefluffy, Mar 18, 2013.

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    i have 2 drakes and 1 female ducks... the female got injured this evening by another animal... will the drakes bother her... will they hurt her more .... should i seperate her from the drakes...

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    SEPARATE HER!!!... AND get rid of one of the drakes and get another hen or two!!!
  3. Have you checked the duck? How badly is she injured? Have you treated her wounds?

    You should either buy at least two more females or remove one drake from your flock.
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    It's a possibility but they aren't like chicken where they zone in on an injured one. what happened? how injured is she? can you pen/crate her in there coop? that way she can see/talk to the rest of her flock but recover. Since ducks are flock animals it's best to keep them in contact to some extent, when we had an injured one we brought him in for a few days but then returned him to the flock, they never did him any harm.

    How old are the ducks? are they ones in your avatar? look like pekin? your ratios are way off, drakes need at least 2-3 ducks per. They'll eventually overbreed her. A few options, you can keep both drake but you'll need more ducks or you can sell a drake and add a few more ducks, or separate the drakes and do a duck and drake flock.

    I have two drakes, but i also have 4 ducks per... with another two coming later this spring. Plus i just had a clutch hatch last week so i'll keep some ducks from it IF there are any.

    Hope that helps and [​IMG]
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