Will a gander always be aggressive??

Discussion in 'Geese' started by kristen2678, Oct 6, 2009.

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    I'm considering a few Sebastopol geese next year. I'd love to hatch some or get goslings. My fear is ending up with too many boys and having them be aggressive towards us and eachother. I'm just starting to learn about geese. Do ganders get along well with other ganders? Will there still be lots of agression during breeding season if I am removing the eggs? If so, perhaps I look for some started females. At what age can you tell sex with Sebastopols? Thanks for all the info. Feel free to talk me into or out of this!!
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    lol...my mate has sebastool (can't spell it or pronounce it) and never mentions the gander been nasty so he can't be bad( a quieter breed?). i have 9 free ranging and my gander is ok (BA) compared to embdons, he's pinched my rear a few times and tried to thieve my mobile yesterday but i'd be more wary around the breeding season,i think it depends on a individual gander and wether you respect them (carry a broom)
    i have a young child too so have to watch him and i know hes attacked the dog a few times but i encourage that because of the fox. trouble is i have more ganders coming on but i think they'll be ok while the streetwise dominant one is there.try it and have fun!
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    My 4 Year old African Gander is a big wussy ..... [​IMG]
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    Gander aggression during the breeding season can vary from benign hissing to frequent full fledged attacking in any breed. My original gander while bonded to humans at birth still bites me during the breeding season.
    It is common for ganders to fight during the breeding season to the point where they need to be penned separately.
    It's somewhat difficult to sex feathered out Sebastopols by appearance especially with no experience but newborn female goslings have a dark cap and saddle where as the males are all yellow or have a silvery cast but sexing them as newborns by color may not always be 100% accurate.

    Edited to add...during the off season ganders will calm down but Feb. - June/July
    can be one big headache depending on your gander and your ability or lack of to
    handle breeding ganders. If you're passive or unsure of yourself when handling
    animals it may not be the way to go.
    You might be better off with 2 pet females and forget hatching out goslings.
    Children should never be allowed around breeding ganders unsupervised by an adult.
    You might find my website's raising waterfowl tip page helpful.
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