Will a human imprinted goose except a mate?


Mar 11, 2010
A friend of mine wants to get a few more chickens from ideal poultry, but they can not meet the $25 worth of birds minimum. Im thinking of splitting the order with them by adding a roman gander, as that would make it reach the $25 minimum. I was wondering if you think Delilah my goose who is imprinted on me would except the new goose and become its mate? She has just started laying eggs and right after that she started trying to mate with my female duck
I was surprised at this because she has never shown any signs of being aware that she is slightly similar to the duck. This has got me thinking that maybe she would enjoy, or at least not mind having a gander to live with. How do you think a human imprinted goose would like a mate?
If I did get the gander it would come in late may or june. I was hoping that Delilah might be sitting on her eggs at that time and so she would be willing to raise the little goose. If I left a clutch of her eggs in her nest do you think she would go broody, or would it be the wrong time of year and would she be too young?
And my last question is, can a roman gander mate with a production toulouse?
As a kid I had a human imprinted gander- Gus the Goose. When he was mature, 2 or 3 I think, I bought 6 goslings. He immediately adopted them. Eventually he mated with one of the geese and the other five became dinner. He readily made the switch frim human to goose.
The benefits were far greater.
Thats interesting, I didn't know a gander could get the mothering instinct without a mate

It hadn't crossed my mind that my goose could become more goose and less human with one of her own kind. Im hoping that if I do get another goose she will still have zero fear of humans and affectionate personality.
my ganders, especially Barney, a Brown Chinese, is always ready to adopt, guide and guard goslings...if I am raising goslings in the infant pen before cutting them loose to join the flock, he sits by them almost all day, rotating with Boris the other gander and some of their ladies...geese are pretty amazing parents...better than some of them human wing nuts I see at Wal Mart slapping the snot out of their children...
I have nine new goslings in the brooder which is in the storage building beside the house...the adult geese can hear them and they hang by the fence, all 14 of them, hoping to get a look at the babies...they are waiting patiently for me to move them to the infant pen outside where they can see them and spend time oggling them and chatting them up...
I think your goose would love to have a gander of her own...they are flock creatures...always love company of the same order...
Does the $25 minimum include waterfowl?? I don't think it does, you might want to call them and check before you decide to add him to the order...a lot of hatcheries won't ship waterfowl with chickens.
I ordered my Delilah my female goose from ideal poultry along with my chickens so I do know they will included waterfowl. What I'm not sure of is if the Romans are available while the chicks are. If not I may need to settle for an African or a duck.

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