Will A Rooster Herd "His" Flock of Hens?

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    Jul 9, 2009
    Hi all! I just lost my WCB Polish roo to something (probably a coyote) and am need of a rooster.[​IMG] While discussing what breed of new rooster I wanted, my Uncle asked me if the rooster will herd the flock of hens. I couldn't answer the questions because it SEEMED as though while Pom (my rooster) was around the hens they didn't wander as much. But at the same time he couldn't see very well so the hens still ended up in the woods with him, they just didn't go as deep or so it seemed (maybe they are just becoming braver?). If someone could help me out with this question I would really appreciate it (also if anyone knows of someone that lives in Connecticut and wants to get rid of a Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, or a Barred Rock roo I would love to talk to them)! Thanks!!!
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    From what I've seen, they don't really "herd" so much as keep in voice contact. Like a very unruly army and a drill sergent. The rooster crows, clucks, and generally babbles and the hens stay where they can hear his voice. They may seem like they're not paying him any attention, but just let that alarm call sound and they follow his orders immediately.
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    Yes, a good rooster will keep his hens rounded up. My roo is always the last to go in the coop at night; after making sure all the girls are in. During the day he will leave the flock if he notices one of the hens is not with them. He'll find her and chase her back to the flock.
    I have a stand of fig trees that due to the way they grew form a natural cage at ground level. One day something threatened my chickens - I'm not sure what, but I suspect a hawk. My roo rounded up all the girls and had them inside the "cage". He stood guard with all the girls behind him.

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