will a rooster mount a rooster?

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    Apr 8, 2013
    I have a blue silkie that I have always thought was a pullet. It is about 25 weeks old. I noticed today that it has pretty decent sized wattles and a comb where my buff silkie doesn't at all. I looked up pictures of silkie hens and I don't see wattles like that in any pictures online. This makes me think that she might be a he, but she gets mounted by the roo and he would know if she was a boy or girl right? Or maybe he doesn't care?
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    I don't think that a rooster would mount another rooster, they would be more likely to fight each other. Do you have pictures of your blue silkie?
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    Roosters will mount each other. Hens will mount each other. It's a dominance thing, not a sexual thing. Just like when my (neutered) male dog mounts other dogs--trust me, he's not thinking about sex, he's just thinking he can get away with dominating them.

    That said, you should post some pics of your bird, some silkie folks here can help you figure out the gender of your bird.
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    X 2 on you might want to post pictures on the What Breed or Gender Is This board. Roos will sometimes jump other subordinate roos or other animals or objects, but usually not to the point where you'd think they think it is a hen.
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    That's normal behavior. It's not that he doesn't know or doesn't care, it's just that his instincts are telling him BREED WITH SOMETHING!
  6. Roosters will mount or tread other roosters if there is big enough difference in their social standing.

    Also any resemblance between chicken sex and say mammal sex is purely coincidental.
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