Will a rooster with the blue/green egg gene always sire green egg laying daughters?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by sevenbabychicks, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Hey all. I have a lady interested in buying some hatching eggs for me because I have rainbow layers and she wants a bunch more egg color in her flock. But my rooster is an EE (most likely ameraucana/marans) who so far has passed on his green egg gene to both his female offspring (their mothers lay brown). But his son has a wonky comb which makes me think that he doesn't have the gene... so maybe it's not always handed down?

    Any insight out there? I'd feel bad if I sold her rainbow hatching eggs that all grew up to lay green.
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    If the roo is not pure for the green egg gene then he will throw 50% green eggers, rest being brown or tinted.

    The colored egg gene is closely linked to pea comb so that can be a reliable way to tell if the chicks have it or not- the ones with pea combs have it. This works as long as there aren't any other pea combed birds like brahmas though.

    Two daughters is too small of sample size to see if the roo is pure or not for the colored egg gene. IF you can find out for sure if he was cross of marans and amer, he is not pure for it and so will produce the 'full range' of egg colors.

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