Will a young roo allow a bigger/mature Roo to mate with it?


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Southern York County
I have a young 20 week old silky which I'm pretty sure it's a roo! No eggs/crowing yet, but has very strong roo characteristics. So the other day my BSL roo that he grew up with, (who is already mating my other hens and much larger than everybody) mated with my silky roo ,and the silky squatted and let him mate. Is this common in less dominant/smaller roos? I'm confused.
Your silkie might be a hen, as silkies don't start laying for a while. If it was a rooster though, I guess it could be possible, as some in some species of animals a dominant male will "mate" a lesser male.
I wouldn't be surprised. Sex is a way of establishing dominance. My hens 'mount' my smaller hens (who submit) and replicate mating behaviour. It's pretty violent actually and I've had to seperate them. It would be interesting to find out of the silky is definitely a roo.
This gender waiting game is horrendous! lol
I would love to hatch out some silky chicks one day, but there is always that fear of most of them winding up roos and then what do I do with all them? lol

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