Will all domestic geeese interbreed?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
So I got a free goose on CL and was going to eat him. Turns out he has big blue eyes, a super sweet nature and his name is now Elvis.

At the feed store yesterday they had goslings and, on impulse, I got two yellow and one grey one.

They also are really sweet and so much smarter than most young poultry that we are really enjoying them.

My question is, if any of the three are girls (was told Elvis is a boy but dont really know for sure) will they pair up, despite being not his own kind?

He is a big white goose with a few black feathers on his head and breast.
Oh good! That looks hopeful for Elvis. I have a few other goose questions but shall put them into their own threads.

I have 1 Embden and 2 Toulouse and 1 American Buff they are one big happy family and color means nothing to them.

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