Will an injured hen stop laying? Will she get egg bound?

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Mar 7, 2018
My hen was bitten by my dog about a week ago. I have been tending her wound and it is healing as far as I can tell. She has not laid any eggs since her injury. She is eating and drinking normally and is walking around fine. I'm worried if she stopped laying eggs that they are accumulating in her. I have her separated from the flock in a big kennel so she won't be bothered by the other chickens.
Thank you! She was laying green eggs and my kids and I get a kick out of her. I would hate to see more bad things happen to her. Should she be completely healed before returning to the coop? Could I return her to the flock if they don't pester her?
My best layer ISA brown hen was severely injured by a dog, and stopped laying for 3 months. She never again laid a normal egg, only rubber or thin shelled eggs that were usually broken quickly. She obviously had suffered some type of injury to her shell gland in her oviduct, although she laid almost daily.

Hopefully, your hen will again start laying eggs once she recovers from her stress of injury.
I agree with @sourland stress and injury can cause a hen to stop laying.

You are wanting to re-introduce her - ask yourself a few questions - does she have any open wounds (can the wound be covered with BluKote), can she eat/drink on her own, is she well enough to defend herself if needed, what is the weather like - will she need to be acclimated to cold temperatures (going from inside to outside)?

If you feel she is ready to go back out, she will likely need to be integrated. You can try just adding her back to the flock, sometimes that works, but a re-introduction may be needed - this article shows you how http://www.backyardchickens.com/a/introducing-a-single-hen-to-an-existing-flock
Thank you. This helped us too. We know Chicken Little lays every day, but now that she got injured on her back (the dogs) we want to make sure she isn't egg bound too.

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