Will an Orpington hen raise hatchery chicks?


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I have a very broody Orpington. 3 times this summer. We feel so sorry for her so we are planning on building a brooder coop for her and let her do her thing. However I do not want the 50/50 chance of fertilized eggs. So we thought we would take away her eggs after 21 days and give her two day old chicks (female). That way I can ensure no cockadoodledoo! to upset the neighbors. I read that Orps are great mothers. Anyone with some insight or experience? Thanks.
I'd give her fake eggs and let her set. At twenty one days slip the chicks under her and take the eggs away. That way you don't have 21 day old eggs lol. I've never had Orps but this method worked for my silkies, barred rocks, rhode island reds, and EEs.
i've read this "slip them under the chicken at night so she'll be surprised! in the morning" thing several times. does this actually work? or is this just a theory kind of thing?

the chicken REALLY doesn't notice you slipping baby chicks UNDER her? it sounds silly. i'm not dissing, just curious if it really, truly works.
The Maternal Instinct is a powerful thing.
I'm still not over Aunt Petunia not absolutely loving and adoring and blubbering over Harry Potter when he was left on her doorstep as a baby. I sure would've.
ive had one reacently i didthe egg thing first ( sadly during a fight with another orp shelost them:( )

i did however go get her 3 chicks andshe took to them like glue
there amazing
I recently had a broody silkie but it was so hot in the coop and even outside during the day and silkies seem to be more prone to heat then other breeds. I felt so bad I tried a few ways to break her but she to was bound and determined. She was even sitting on an empty nest the whole time!

I decided to find her some chicks but didn't want the task of getting rid of them later so I searched for the splash colored silkie chicks which I was already planning on getting at some point anyway. So she was actually broody for only about 10-12 days when I gave her the chicks. They ranged in age from 4-6 days old. I gave her 2 at first, slipped them under her at night...... Then a week later I gave her 2 more! during the day! (doesn't always work but I covered my hand and the chick with a towel and stuck them under her where her other 2 were hiding from me! She didn't seem to notice or more care when they all came out. She was very ticked at me and my hand for going to close to her chicks so I recommend night time as a better time to add chicks and better to do it all at once. I had to nurse and injury on 1 of the chicks for a week is why the 2 came later.

She takes great care of all 4 babies tho!
Will try to post some pics later tonight.
The overnight introduction does work and may because the hen has an entire evening to become accustomed to the cheeping and movement of the chicks. By the time she can see them (next day) she has come to know them and her maternal instincts have kicked in. Just my plausible theory folks.

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