Will baby survive?


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Sep 22, 2020
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What can I do for scrapes or cuts on baby chick?

My chick pipped day 19 (last night) unless I calculated wrong. My broody hen was hatching her. I panicked a little last night several hours in and kept checking the egg. I know this is all my fault.

I decided to force myself to leave the egg alone and stop checking it. I couldnt sleep a wink so I went to check and found baby hatched but not under mom. Extremely cold. I couldntsee her moving at all but tried to warm her.

Shes moving little by little, more and I've been hearing little peeps now. Breathing is regular. She was scratch by the ear by a piece of egg shell and she had some blood by the naval I assume. In the picture attached, is that naval or piece of intestine.

So worried but I'll stay up and keep her warm. Will she be ok?


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