Will broody hen adopt chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by okiecowboy, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. okiecowboy

    okiecowboy Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 9, 2015
    my hen just started sitting on 6 eggs last night but a day ago i put in 40 eggs in my bator by some miracle they all hatch can i put they out with her and her babyies should hatch about same time with in aday or two
  2. nchls school

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    Apr 22, 2015

    You can give her some of the chicks; a dozen or so. More than that she will not be able to keep them warm and safe.
  3. okiecowboy

    okiecowboy Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 9, 2015
    ok thx
  4. Lady of McCamley

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    Mar 19, 2011
    NW Oregon
    You don't mention the size of your hen. I agree a dozen total for a standard breed, first time broody hen.

    If it is a bantam, she may be maxed out at the 6, unless you are hatching batams, then you might give her 8.

    I give first time mommies fewer, and definitely do not stagger the ages as it will confuse her and she may attack the additional chicks from the bator if she feels she needs to protect still unhatched chicks in the nest. Dud eggs can help keep the hen nesting as you add fosters, but if they are in the process of hatching, she may not like the interruption of additional chicks. It all depends on the hen.

    Have a plan B if she doesn't accept them well.

  5. okiecowboy

    okiecowboy Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 9, 2015
    ok sorry they r orange buffs mix do have a brooder set up didnt expect her to set eggs just got these hens so got a bator and water traf for babys with ouster shell and the red heat lamp
  6. Okiedori

    Okiedori Just Hatched

    Feb 22, 2016
    Yes, maybe. This is my dumb luck story. We raised our first batch of chicks in a tool shed that we could heat and was secure. A year later we ordered 35 more chicks and just after placing the order one of my hens went broody so I started researching. We did most things against advise because of our setup. The hen stayed broody for over 3 weeks. I guess some give up. The chicken coop is on wheels and not suitable for chicks, which meant I had to break the second advisory, I had to move the hen. She put up quite a fuss until she saw the two fake eggs she had been sitting and she settled down and did not move for 3 days. The next thing was the chicks arrived at 5 am so it was light when we took the chicks to her. I put two under her, removed the fake eggs and started adding more chicks. Some how she managed to get all 35 under her. One would tumble out and she would call it back. Most advise said no more than 25 chicks per hen. of course the tool shed has plenty of heat. I have never seen a happier hen. What's even better than raising chicks without a hen is that they obey her. When I have to clean out the pen she keeps them all together. If one escapes in the excitement I don't have to chase it down, she just calls it to her. The chicks are 3 weeks old and seem very active and healthy. The hen seems a little worn but up to the task. I open the tool shed door for her when the weather is nice, but until today she has not allowed them to cross the threshold. Today though she came out for a few minutes and took a dust bath. The next hurdle is adjusting the new additions to the other hens.
  7. Sherlock Watson

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    Feb 16, 2016
    Salish Sea Region
    Good luck with chicks! That sounds exciting. Wow! All forty hatched?! That's amazing! XD
  8. Klay

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    Sep 13, 2015
    Would ten normal sized chicks be to much for a silkie to adopt?
  9. 16 paws

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    My silkie has 7 right now and I think she could handle 3 more if she had them. They are a week old and she has them on the roost!!![​IMG]


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