Will broody hen sit on duck eggs?


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I have an EE that is bound and determined to brood. I do not have a rooster, so for her, it will be all for nothing
I have a friend who has fertile duck eggs but the ducks are not sitting on them. Could I give my hen some duck eggs to hatch?? Anyone have any thoughts on that?

There is a post of the duck board of a hen and her little ducklings. I think it was titled duckins or something like that. Good luck
I have done this twice, and the hens treat them like they are chicks and the little ducks, well its just mom to them. I have some under hen right now. Good Luck!!!!
thanks all! Sounds like I will give it a try...I just feel so bad for my girl...she wants to be a mama
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in indonesia, people believe duck can't hatch any eggs that is why they take all of the eggs to broody hen here, and that's why i'm the most confused man on BYC that found out many people abroad let the duck hatch, i'm really really confused.
Does anyone have experience with placing goose eggs under chickens. We have hatched duck eggs successfully in the past with chicken. However, these eggs we got seem so large. Late this evening I tried switching out the eggs under our somewhat broody dorking for 4 buff goose eggs and she is now sitting off to the side wondering what the heck they are!
We also have a banty chochin extremely broody - I think she can only fit one under her.
I have read that goose eggs are too big for the bantys to maneuver and turn. Has anyone had success with a banty on a goose egg? and should we manually turn them everyday as suggested.
We had a total of 4 sent through the mail and our goal is to hatch two for pets for my boys.
Thanks for any advice you may have

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