Will Car Exhaust Fumes Kill my chickens ?


Aug 7, 2015
another negative comment once again. This is cuteychickens15 reporting from depressing hell hole with a crazy family who don't care about my chickens. Just to let you know, before you read this. We live in a house with a small garden, we live in a small town so the houses are quite close together. My dad has some old car in his garage which he started and loads of dark gray/black fumes came out. He had it going for like 5-10 mins and like I said, we live in a small house and garden so the 7 month old chickens were nearby and our 3 month old chickens were even closer. The young ones were hiding under a metal thing, my mom said that the fumes rise up but if i can still smell them, they are still there. Anyway, i'm worried about my chickens dying or getting some problem or disease from the fumes that they have breathed in. What do I do ? My dad is just not caring about my chickens at all, he started his car, probably harmed my chickens and now he is still shouting! What is he doing. Will the chickens be fine ? I feel a slight headache and the chickens lungs are tiny, i'm worried.


May 15, 2015
I wouldn't say it was good for them but I think you are overreacting. I tried to kill a racoon in a box trap with the exhaust from my truck, used plywood and such to trap the fumes and 30 minutes in I gave up and shot it.


Oct 21, 2015
No where Nebraska
Most likely your chickens are fine. One exposure to car exhaust is probably not going to hurt them. Are the chickens in the garage? or outside near it?
Try to give your parents a break. Believe it or not, they are one of the few people completely on your side. They may not understand your desire for chickens, but that does not mean they are against you (they gave you the space for them. Who pays for the food? The chickens themselves? The cages?)
Try very hard to talk calmly to your parents, you will be better listened to if you can be calm. Tell them that chickens make very useful pets, providing eggs, eating bugs, and are very lovely to look at. They are also great teachers of responsibility. needing lots of care. Ask that you be warned the next time your dad is going to start the old car, so you have a chance to move your chickens further away.

Ray E

In the Brooder
Sep 27, 2015
Black smoke is carbon burning from it not running due to water in engine evaporating I'm a mechanic and a chicken guy birds are fine there strong your parents live there to dont forget like you said small place the cars get you around and are a life needed object for everyday

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