Will chick with crossed beak be alright?

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    Little 2 week out chick has a crossed beak (I think that's what it's called) The bottom beak is lax and doesn't line up with the top.Otherwise it's fine running around and eating. My question is with he be ok with this or will it get worst as he grows?

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    I have had it happen two ways. One chicken survived and got enough to eat.

    One chick died at maybe three weeks because it was so severe the poor little thing couldn't eat enough.
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    I had the exact thin happen to me this last spring. One of my chicks developed a cross beak at two weeks old. Unfortunately, it is showing up right before their first big growth spurt and will continue to get worse. Mine was able to eat until ten weeks old and at that point she let me know she was ready to go. I culled her after she went to bed with an empty crop even though she tried to eat all day. I checked her crop every night. She was a fighter and lasted quite awhile with her severely crossed beak, but the moment she showed me she was done fighting was when I knew it was time.

    Good luck, it's a terrible deformity but you can fight for the chick like I did and see what happens. I made different feeders as the beak got worse and somehow my chick managed to adapt. I would just try and not get too attached and be aware that you don't want to breed something like that.
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  4. I've got one so old she no longer lays....
    Princess. Make sure the feed and the water dishes are very deep. I like to hand feed her oversized cuccumber and mellons.
    I considered culling her this year, but I think I will keep her a flock mistress as she seems to keep the girls in order.
    Just consider what is best for the bird. if she suffers and can't seem to eat, cull her, if she ends up in charge, well... hopefully she is a good flock mistress.
    No right answer.

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