Will Chickens Keep The Fence Line Clean?

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    Feb 27, 2008
    I am thinking of making the back side of my chicken pen the current chain link fence i have now. I generally spray the fence line every year to prevent weeds from growing up in the chain link. I am hoping that the chickens might keep it weed free so i dont have to spray the fence line as i do not know if spraying would effect the chickens or not. Thanks for your input!
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    Weeds will still grow outside the pen, and as they grow up they will grow into the chainlink and tangle with it to some degree (depending what they are).

    I would not spray the fenceline with the chickens being allowed up to it. Or if you absolutely are going to do that no matter what, at least give several times the manufacturer's rest period before you let the chickens back in (e.g. if the manufacturer says 1 day, give it at least half a week).

    You can use a weedwhacker, or cut the weeds by hand (I find a serrated [scalloped] bread knife works well). I do this. It isn't really that hard or time consuming at all.

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    I have found that it is more the scratching that really gets the weeds than the pecking- the fence line of my run has weeds within the wires and right outside the fence. Plus there are some weeds they don't want, like horrible thistle. I don't know how long your fence will be, but if it's just one side of the run you could spray and then lean scrap lumber boards up against the fence for a few days to keep the chickies away until the spray breaks down. I hate thistle so I spot spray for that at least a couple times each year around the whole property. I try to time it a day before a rain, which usually isn't too difficult in Oregon!
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    Mine keep it chopped pretty close however far their heads can reach out is void of grass. I have chain link on one side and 2x4 wekded wire on the other and they keep it pretty clean.

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