Will chickens like a SHADY coop on the cool OR coast?

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    Hello, I am new to the whole chicken "thing" and I am in the process of building my first coop for an anticipated flock of 4-6 hens. I live on the southern Oregon coast where we have cool, windy conditions. I also have extensive garden beds taking up all of the available "sunny" spots in my backyard. So when I "discovered" the possibility of raising chickens, the only available space for an enclosed coop was in my nw corner of my backyard (I had to move my compost to make room), underneath two towering douglas firs. My main question is this...will the chikens be happy in a shady coop? At best the spot gets speckled sunlight, at worst alot of wind. I anticipate limbing the doug-firs to improve sunlight, but, I am not too hopeful direct sunlight will reach the coop for too long. Otherwise, on sunny days the coop receives a bright shadiness to it. Does anyone out there have experience with chicken behaivor in cool shady coops?

    Bman O'Duggan
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    I too am a southern Oregonian and welcome to the board. I think if research chicken breeds you will find that are some breeds that do well in cooler climates . I think they will do fine. All that shade means they will be out of the rain, perfect !
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    I think your main problem with lack of sunlight will be the run tending to stay damp (thus muddy, smelly, fly-ey). If you put extra effort into engineering it for minimal water input and maximal drainage, you may be ok. It doesn't sound like you have a big *choice* anyhow [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

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    I live in Texas and have to deal with heat so i can't really help but WELCOME TO BYC
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    Thanks so far to the suggestions and comments. I read Patnchicken's ventilation and mud solving pages and took lots of notes. Given the rain we do get in Oregon's Bay Area, drainage is a concern, however, I believe my spot for the most part has good drainage and I plan on using Patnchicken's advice for a part sand run; the other part of my run I am planning on returning to a weed, cold composting pile for the chicken's to scratch and gleen. Another question I have is wheather or not to cover the complete run with a rain-proof cover; and will chickens use sand for a dust bath? Thanks, you guys rock![​IMG][​IMG]

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