Will chickens pick through window screen walls???

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  1. Well.. that about says it all. I am using aluminum window screen for the inside walls of the coop (NON insulated), its cheap, easy to work with, easy to vaccum through & clean, and should help reduce bugs, feathers in the walls etc. So it's up on the walls, will they pick at it or eat it? Do they pick at your walls or screens??
  2. It's going to be great for insects, especially gnats, but I'm wondering if you need a tougher barrier. I suspect your birds will wheedle through it after six-legged treats. One spider web and they'll be at it, screen or no...and what about keeping predators out- probably wouldn't discourage a rat, raccoon or weasel...but if you're using it inside only my comments may not be relevant. Do you think chicken manure will cling to it?

    What about using something solid on the bottom and the screening above it?
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  3. using pond liner & sand/gravel as their base/flooring. the pond liner will flap up about 1 foot all the way around the floor and cover the base of the screen.

    the window screen is for interior usage in place of plywood/paneling/drywall, the chicken coop does have wooden outside walls, or rather.. will [​IMG] before the chix move in.

    I Do think poop will cling to it if they are flinging it a foot or more high or droppings perhaps, but, nothing I guess a wire brush can't handle & the shop vac.??

    I will watch for sure for them picking through it to get the bugs inside the walls then if you suspect they may. thanks.

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