Will cochins raise pheasants?


11 Years
Mar 1, 2010
My cochin just hatched some goldens & an amhearst. Will they bond? Or would I be better off putting the babies in a brooder?
had my cochin hen sat on some pheasant eggs she was fine with them until they started to hatch and she killed one
Most likely the pheasants will not stay with the hen, they are far more hyper than chicken chicks. Maybe for a day or two, but I wouldn't let her raise them, I think they will escape and probably get taken by a predator.
Save them from what? She's had them for a week now & they're doing fine.

NCIndiaBlue - do they get high strung as they get older? They're much calmer than I thought they'd be. In fact they're calmer than a clutch of silkies that were hatched a few days before them.

We use broody hens to hatch alot of different birds, and let some hens raise the babies.

But you need to know the hens, some will kill chicks & there is the risk of chciken disease's being transferred to the other species.

But most hens make great mothers and will raise any babies.
I didn't have much luck when I tried letting one of my silkies raise some ringneck pheasants. They just wouldn't stay with her and let her tend to them. I ended up having to catch them and put them in a brooder.

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