Will EE roosters throw green legged chicks when bred to BOs OR RIRs?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by savingdogs, May 11, 2011.

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    I have a mixed flock of chickens, mostly Buff Orpington and more recently I've gotten some EEs (they were sold as Americanas, but I know from researching on here that they are EEs). I have a very nice Buff Orpington roo whom we really like, but now I'm getting to have over 30 chickens and I don't think he can service that many hens. He is two now and is slowing down a bit.

    Yesterday I bought an EE cockerel and some pullets and I'd like to have HIM be my second rooster. Will they have to have their hens kept totally apart to tell whom is the daddy?

    Wouldn't the leg color be a tip off? I do have a way to keep them all apart except during free ranging time. Do I have to keep them enclosed when I'm trying to collect eggs if I wanted them to be either EE or BO purebreds?

    I will now have hens of both breeds and roos of both breeds too living in mixed flocks.

    And will green-leggedness be a way to tell who will lay green eggs and who will lay Buff Orpington color?

    I also have some RIR, Russian Orloff and a speckled sussex so I might have some real colorful EEs out of this new roo. Anyone have guidance for me on knowing what the offspring will look like and how to manage this? I will be raising them all as layers and the cockerels as meat.

    Or should I have chosen an araucana roo to do this? That is still do-able!
  2. draye

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    Nov 30, 2010
    If you're wanting purebred chicks it would be best to keep them separated into different pens.
    The EE rooster wull not always throw green legs in his offspring, they sometimes will inheirent the mothers leg coloring, and the beard will not always be an indicator of EE daddy, they sometimes do not inheirit the muff/beard.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    If the EE is the father and the BO is the mother, they will all have pale legs. If the EE x RIR will all have yellow legs. If the EE rooster is pure for muff/beard, all of his offspring will have muffs/beards.
  4. savingdogs

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    so leg color comes from the hen? Interesting.

    Will the egg color be brown in these offspring then, I thought they legs had to be green for them to lay green eggs. I thought I had read something about the egg color being dominant.
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  5. phasianidae

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Quote:Nope, it just depends on which gene is dominant. Leg color is not linked to egg color.
  6. savingdogs

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    Gosh, I see why I will have to keep the flocks apart then.

    minnesotachicken breeder, do you know then what color eggs I should get from pullets produced from these assorted mixes? Mixed colors?

    For example, with my eggs currently in the incubator I have a BO roo and EE eggs, RIR egg and BO eggs. So that means those EE eggs should have pale legs, but what color eggs? depends? So half and half roughly green or brown, or will they come out greenish brown?

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