Will Eprinex pour on work for round worms?

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    May 9, 2009
    I treated all my chickens (or so I thought - 3 look so much alike I can't tell the difference and 1 might have gotten a double dose and another no dose) back at the end of Nov with Valbazen, followed by Eprinex pour on 2 weeks later. A week ago I saw some worms in 1 chicken's poop. Based on where it was, I concluded that it could be only 1 of 4 chickens (the 3 look a likes, and 1 other). I treated the 4 with Eprinex last week, because they are starting to lay eggs again and don't want to throw the eggs away again. This morning, another poop with worms. I am planning to treat the other 8 with Eprinex and then get the 4 originally treated again. Has anyone had any experience with Eprinex pour on? My understanding is that it's a broad-spectrum wormer, so it should take care of these?
    Thanks for any info you can give me.
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    Unfortunately, eprinex much like ivermectin pour on are losing their effectiveness in eliminating large roundworms in poultry. This is due to the fact that both products are mainly being used as miteacides rather than their primary purpose as wormers. Worms have built resistance to eprinex and ivermectin pour on. Neither will kill capillary nor cecal worms in poultry. Both products will still kill mites in poultry.
    Stick with valbazen, rotate with safeguard. Healthy chickens will continue to lay eggs even after tossing eggs for a couple of weeks.

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