will Game hens go broody and do they make good mothers

Jennings Gamefowl

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Feb 17, 2009
hey all.. I have a game roo and hen and would like to start hatching eggs from them but I dont know if she will go broody... Also I know it will take around 7 eggs before she thinks about going broody, so should I just leave them in the next box???


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Feb 12, 2009
Pike Co., GA & Palm Beach Co., FL
Good for you! Gamefowl are great broodies and mothers. May take a little more than 7 eggs, or maybe not. Be flexible. Yes, you can leave the eggs in the nest. One word of warning. Maybe two. First, when she starts to set, take the cock out of her pen and let her be alone. Then, prepare for the little killers. When the stags reach puberty they have to have their own pens. Leaving them together is inviting disaster. When the fights turn heads to bloody stumps resembleing smooshed strawberries, it`s time to separate them. Good luck.

Guinea Goonie

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Sep 2, 2008
Peace Valley in Howell County Missouri
I love my game hens. They are chatty and friendly. They will go broody and you do not have to separate the roo if he is a good one.

Most game roos will pick up another hen when the one goes broody and they will not bother the sitting one. They tend to protect their hens even when they are on the nest.

They make EXCELLENT moms, but tend to loose the chicks during the day. She will gather them up before bed time though.

The chicks are even more remarkable. They will throw a fit if mom looses them and they know they are not in danger. We watched our game hen raise her 6 chicks and it was amazing.

About an hour before the sun went down she called them all in and if she lost one she went looking for her baby while the others kept close to the roost. She always knew pretty much where they were.

They are very protective of their young and will fight just about anything that comes along.

fancisco 254

6 Years
Jun 2, 2013
For sure the game hen is a good mom and broody i have a game hen and a game roo she got broody two about to be three months ago and hatch me out 12 chicks she did not loose none of them they are all still alive they are about three months now and she went broody agIan. The roo takes care of her because a have thus white meat rooster who takes her out but he wilL defend her and attack the white roo even tho she is in the nest.

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