Will Guinea be quiet at night if inside a coop?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Jody, Aug 9, 2010.

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    I just bought 2 Guinea keets today. I know they're known to be noisy, but talking to seller she said they'd be quiet if locked in coop without nothing to alarm them and that they're usually only loud when alarmed, etc.. Is that right?

    So, after buying the keets, I get a rooster complaint from a neighbor and am now concerned that the keets will become the next complaint considering the guy even complaint about goat bleats during the day time.. so, I KNOW he's gonna complain about the Guinea.. What can I do to limit Guinea noise?

    They're outside in a large cage inside a tent being quarantined and not a peep out of them since I put them in there.. Yes, they were very chirpy in the car on ride home and initial transfer into their new home, but after, really quiet.. My Sebright chicks make more noise then they do.. But anyway, I wanted to know if the "noisy" everyone refers to is day time noisy or just when alarmed, or as grown Guinea, are they just constantly noisy all day?
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    Quote:Well I have 7 guineas ( used to have 10 ) and even when they're in their hutch they make alot of noise. Nothing too loud but some people might think it was. They make most of their noise during the day. In the morning when I let them out then fly over the roof yelling and screaming and when they're in the backyard they aren't too noisy. I rather enjoy their sounds! They're so wacky and goofy! [​IMG]
    I think if they were in a solid coop they wouldn't make too much racket. [​IMG]
  3. Our adolescents go in the coop at night with the chickens and we don't hear from them till we let them out in the morning. Then their calls are excited and happy! (Oh boy, we're out of that pen! We have allllllll day to run anywhere we want to!) The adult group stays separate and they roost in the trees. Even then, we don't hear anything unless a predator gets close to the tree. During the day, they'll play keep-the-bug and squawk a bit, or if someone drives up that they don't know... They're a pretty good alarm system.
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    Mine get loud about an hour after they come in to roost then they settle down.

    They are loud right now because everyone is awake.

    I can hear them on my baby monitor but not in my house.

    If the neighbor complained about your roo then you can be sure they will complain more about the guineas.
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    I always thought mine were quiet after they were locked up in their coop for the night......but that's because I had my windows closed with the AC on. I was actually surprised one nite when I had to go outside for something, and I heard them......not real loud, but yes, they definitely were making some noise. I even thought to myself - when the heck do they sleep??? lol

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