Will he notice ?


8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
Chesterville, Maine
My Hubby is a Merchant Sailor and works out of state for 3 weeks, and is home for 3 weeks. While he was gone, one of our cockerels died. To make the kids and myself feel better, I decided to add a Buff Orpington pullet and a Silver Laced Wyandotte pullet to our flock. I keep "forgetting" to tell him that we got them. I honestly don't think he'll notice.
(at least for a day or two) Who else has gotten chickens w/ out their other half knowing ?
I managed to sneak a rooster home and made it a whole 6 hours before he crowed and I was busted...he is the reason my chickens became his chickens in all his chicken stories!LOL
Well, the other half is in for a surprise when he gets home. I decided that since I am selling our 3 Guineas tomorrow, that I needed to fill their place. We now have an Ameraucana pullet, and FINALLY a Black Copper Marans pullet ! I have been wanting one for a while. So, since he's been gone, we (I) have added a BO, SLW, Ameraucana, and BCM pullets. Now, I'm done getting more chickens for a while.
I want to make sure they have plenty of room in their coop this winter. (If this stupid hurricane doesn't destroy it.) What new chickens have you gotten lately ?

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